Scientific communication


Members of the research team have participated in several scientific events:

- International Conference of the Romanian Sociological Society, Iasi, 8-10.05.2014

  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Humă, Bogdana, Time as a rhetorical device for empathy. Understanding major depression through presentations in digital genres
  • Matei, Ștefania, Going beyond the grave. The social organization of online memorials and the technological accomplishment of bereavement
  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Bragaru, Corina, Thinking through statistical objects: ‘heritability’ and the ‘baseline of happines’
  • Toth, Cosmin, Rhetoric of research design in the field of market research as a border organizational technology

- Revisiting On the Beginning of Social Inquiry,  Edinburgh University, 10th and 11th June, 2014

  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Humă, Bogdana, Adventures in joint examinations of ‘motive’ talk and sociological analyses

- (Re)thinking Global Connectedness: Critical Perspectives on Globalization, Texas A&M University, Liberal Arts International Program, Doha, Qatar, 2014

  • Deliu, Alexandra, Transforming social borders. Ethnicity at home and abroad

- 6th Global Conference on Storytelling, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014

  • Deliu, Alexandra, Telling stories of migration: Individual narratives of departing and returning

- National conference of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, 2013

  • Rughiniș, Cosima and Humă, Bogdana, Rhetorical Construction of Lay Persons’ Physiognomical Abilities in Current Experimental Psychology
  • Cosima Rughiniș, Cosmin Toth, Maria-Miruna Rădan Gorska, Alexandra Deliu, Market Research as an Accountable Activity in interviews Between Academic and Market Research Sociologists
  • Deliu, Alexandra, Narratives of Error in Quantitative Data Analysis: The Matter of Acquiescent Response Style
  • Toth, Cosmin, Rationality and Irrationality in the Understanding of Human Behavior. An Evaluation of the Methodological Consequences Implied by the Conceptualization of Irrationality
  • Matei, Ștefania, Time’s Up! Materialitatea și performarea absenței în formele de susținere a amintirii postume

- International Workshop « Les sciences sociales et la société. Nouvelles approches de la rationalité », CEREFREA, Universitatea din București și Université Lyon 2, Bucharest, 20-21 Septembrie 2013

  • Cosmin Toth, Cosima Rughiniș, Bogdana Humă, Rationalité professionnelle et interprétation des entretiens dans les sciences sociales

Strangers, aliens and foreigners, the 5th global conference, Oxford, UK

  • Alexandra Deliu, Social spaces of migration: a narrative perspective

Crisis, critique and change, the 11th international ESA conference, Turin, Italy, 2013

  • Alexandra Deliu, Where to, where from? The narrative construction of social spaces in migration

- International Workshop „Design and spontaneity in computer-supported collaborative learning”, The 19th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, CSCS 2013, Universitatea POLITEHNICA din București

  • Cosima Rughinis and Stefania Matei, Learning through Massively Co-Authored Biographies: Making Sense of Steve Jobs on Wikipedia through Delegated Voice
  • Deaconescu Răzvan and Stefania Matei, The Negotiation of Knowledge and Knowing: The Challenge of Using Wiki Technology in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Psychology and the Conduct of Everyday Life, Roskilde University, Denmark, 2013

  • Rughiniș, Cosima, Humă, Bogdana, First impression reports as methodically constructed narratives of first acquaintances in daily talk-in-interaction

- International Conference “Discourse – Conversation – Communication”, Loughborough University, March 2012

  • Humă, Bogdana, Rughiniș, Cosima, „A discursive approach to impression formation”

- International Conference of the Romanian Sociological Society ‘Beyond Globalization‘, 31 May – 3 June 2012 (see the Book of Abstracts for details)

  • Humă, Bogdana, Rughiniș, Cosima, „Second chances for first impressions”
  • Toth, Cosmin, „Teorii și practici profesionale în discursul consilierilor școlari”
  • Deliu, Alexandra, „Happiness as a discursive practice”
  • Costache, Monica, „Science and skin”
  • Bratu, Roxana, „Lay theories on happiness”
  • Matei, Ștefania, “Biographical intelligibility is the first step to immortality. A narratological approach to posthumous tributes”

- International Conference “Curiosity and Serendipity – A Conference on Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences“, ESA Research Network 20 Midterm Conference, 20-21 September 2012, Lund, Sweden

  • Rughiniș, Cosima; Humă, Bogdana, „Making sense and rhetorical use of agency in social research debates”
  • Humă, Bogdana; Rughiniș, Cosima (Distributed paper) „Theorizing interview conversations: what’s at stake?”
  • Matei, Ștefania, „Narratives of virtue. Rhetorical accounts of knowing historical memorable figures”
Workshops organized within the project
- Sections in scientific conferences
  • The panel “Thinking through shared objects. Knowledge as social and material pursuit”, International Conference of the Romanian Sociological Society, Iasi, 8-10.05.2014
  • The panel “Characters in stories of expert knowledge”, National Conference of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work “Distance and togetherness through time and space”, Bucharest, June 8, 2013
- We have presented our research in two Research workshops of the Department of Sociology, University of Bucharest
  • Cosima Rughiniș and Bogdana Huma, First impressions from faces, 19.02.2014
  • Cosima Rughiniș, Cuantificarea in sociologie, 19.12.2012
- Three workshops in the Doctoral School of Sociology, University of Bucharest:
  • Cosima Rughiniș and Bogdana Humă, “Sociological imagination and psychological depression”, 04.12.2013
  • Cosima Rughiniș, “Questions and answers in sociological research”, 22.10.2012
  • Cosima Rughiniș, “Sociological measurement”, 29.10.2012
Calls for Papers
The research team has authored Calls for Papers: